The owner of the rights to a work is protected by the Danish Copyright Act and, as a point of departure, he or she has the right to receive a compensation if others copy from his or her work. There are two types of rightsholders: the originators (i.e. authors, journalists, composers, and illustrators), and publishers (i.e. publishing houses and other publishing enterprises).

Remuneration for copying
Remuneration comes from the institutions and companies that have entered licensing agreements with Writing. The process of calculating the amounts to be paid to rightsholders is based on surveys that take place at intervals of about five years. Inspections are carried out by an external statistical bureau in collaboration with representatives of the parties to the agreement.

Individual distribution
Writing distributes on the basis of samples taken from a representative group of various educational institutions. Only educational institutions designated to report must do so.
These reports form the basis for calculating the individual fees. Remunerations are distributed equally among authors and publishers.

Distributions to rightsholders
In 2012, DKK 288,1 million was destributed to our rightsholders.

For further information please contact Head of Research and Registration: Vibeke Andersen: va@copydan.dk