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A collective management organisation for written works

Copydan Writing (Copydan Tekst & Node) has existed since 1980 and is owned by the authors, writers and publishers of texts and sheet music. Our board consists of Danish publishers’ organisations, authors’ associations, journalists’ unions, illustrators and music organisations.

The board consists of nine members from author organisations and six members of publishers’ organisations elected at the annual general meeting. The representatives of the authors’ rights group are elected annually at the general meeting by the members of the authors’ rights group. The representatives of the publishers’ rights group are elected annually at the general meeting by the members of the publishers’ rights group.

The Danish Ministry of Culture has approved Copydan Writing as a collective management organisation that is authorised to conclude agreements regarding copying on behalf of both authors, writers and publishers.

Read the authorisation for the educational and business area (in Danish)

Read the authorisation for the business area including digital use (in Danish)

Read the authorisation for the educational area including digital use for internal administrative purposes (in Danish)


Copydan Writing also concludes agreements within the library area as well as in connection with various digitization projects.

Read those and other authorisations by the Danish Ministry of Culture here (in Danish)


We are a non-profit organisation

Copydan Writing offers copying agreements that enable educational institutions and businesses to legally use copies of copyrighted text and sheet music material in their work.

As a non-profit organisation we distribute the remuneration we receive under the copying agreements to the rightsholders whose works are being copied.

Read more about what we do here


Copydan Writing is part of Copydan House

Copydan House accommodates six collective management organisations. Copydan Writing is one of them and the other five are Archives, AVU-media, Visuals, CulturePlus and World TV.

Each of these six organisations is independent and has its own board and its own statutes. Common to all six organisations is that we work to ensure access to media, art, literature, texts, sheet music, television and film works and cultural heritage.

At the same time, we aim to ensure a fair and reasonable payment to the rightsholders for the use of their material from which the knowledge society and Danish cultural life benefit.

Further information

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