Distribution of remuneration

The remuneration is distributed based on close cooperation with our customers

The funds paid for an agreement is paid by Copyright Writing directly to the people who have written and published the copied material. We do this based on individual distribution principles.

The remuneration is distributed individually to each rightsholder – authors and publishers – based on material copied by our customers.

As part of our agreements our customers are required to tell us what they copy during certain periods – we call this reporting.

If they did not tell us what they copied, we would not be able to distribute the remuneration correctly.



The copies are reported by our customers telling us what they are making copies of. They provide us with information about the number of pages copied and the number of copies made, the title of the publication, the author, publisher and ISBN/ISSN.

Every year a number of schools and educational institutions at various educational levels are selected. They will then report what works they make copies of for an entire school year.

Our business customers are also required to tell us what they make copies of. That is also reporting.

The municipal institutions, e.g. kindergartens and care homes, report for 2 x 4 weeks. Churches and parishes report for 3 weeks.

All the information we receive is registered in our database. Our distribution of the remuneration is based on this information.


Distribution principles and payment of remuneration

Copydan Writing is in charge of the payment of remuneration to the rightsholders.

The remuneration is paid in the calendar year following the reporting period. The distribution is based on the number of pages and copies reported.

All remuneration is divided 50/50 between authors and publishers. Illustrators, photographers and other pictorial authors receive a share of the authors’ remuneration.

The remuneration is distributed  in three main categories.

  • Payment for copying of material used for educational purposes and in the parishes.
  • Payment for material used in examination papers.
  • Payment for copying of material used in municipal institutions.


Further information

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