Distribution of remuneration

Distribution of remuneration

The funds we collect for our copying agreements go directly to the people who have written and published the copied material. We apply individual distribution principles when distributing remuneration to the rightsholders, reflecting the actual use of their works..


96.7% of all remunerations in 2022 were distributed individually.

DKK 341,311,580 was distributed individually.

DKK 11,616,332 was distributed collectively.


When we do distribute remuneration collectively, we either perform a re-distribution by employing knowledge from another similar area, or we hand over the funds to our member organisations which then handle the distribution by using the funds for a number of purposes relevant to our management area.

Read more about our individual distribution pinciples in the  Policy regarding the Distribution of Remuneration

Read more about collective distribution in the  General Policy regarding the Use of Undistributable Funds


About individual distribution

Every year, several schools and educational institutions at various educational levels are asked to help us identify what works they copy from and how much they copy. They report back to us for an entire school year. Churches / parishes also report back to us on their copying for a period of 3-4 weeks – they do so several times a year.

This way we obtain information about the number of pages copied and the number of copies made of a particular material. We register all the information we receive in our database.

Our team of 10 librarians and researchers review all the copies that are customers provide us with and make a note of author, publisher, composer, illustrator etc. for each page. This means that all the different rightsholders that have contributed to a particular page receive remuneration.


Distribution principles

Remuneration is distributed based on the number of pages and copies reported. We also have a number of distribution principles decided by our Board.

A certain factor is applied to certain genres and media. A factor of 5 is applied to poetry, music and song lyrics. This means that one single page of e.g. a poem is multiplied by 5 when we register information about the copy. Thus, 1 copied page of e.g. a poem counts as 5 copied pages when we calculate the remuneration. Similarly, a factor of 3 is applied to analogue copies of newspapers.


Remuneration is divided equally 50/50 between authors and publishers. Illustrators, photographers and other pictorial authors receive a share of the authors’ remuneration.

From June 2022, a turnover requirement has been introduced for Danish publishers only, meaning that in order to receive remuneration they must be able to document relevant income in their publishing business.


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