Ownership, board and statutes

Who is behind Copydan Writing

Copydan Writing is owned by the authors, writers and publishers of texts and sheet music.

Our board consists of Danish publishers’ organisations, authors’ organisations, journalists’ unions, illustrators and music organisations; a total of nine authors’ and practitioners’ organisations and five publishing houses’ and publishers’ organisations.

In the list below you can see the organisations that are represented on the board.

Read the statutes for Copydan Writing here



Chairman of the board

Morten Rosenmeier, chairman of Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne) and professor in copyright at the University of Copenhagen.

Deputy Chairman

Cliff Hansen, elected for the board on behalf of the Danish Publishers and publishing director of L&R Uddannelse.




Member of the Board
Danish Authors’ Society (Dansk Forfatterforening) Morten Visby
Danish Confederation of Professional Associations                              (Akademikerne) Morten Rosenmeier
Danish Songwriters Guild (Danske Populær Autorer (DPA)) Tobias Stenkjær
Autor / Danish composers and songwriters                                            (Autor / Komponister og Sangskrivere) Andreas Hemmeth
The Danish Composers’ Society (Dansk Komponistforening) Toke Brorson Odin
The Danish Fiction Writers’ Organisation                                                  (Danske skønlitterære Forfattere (DsF)) Claus Ankersen
The Danish Union of Journalists (Dansk Journalistforbund) Christian Dølpher
The Danish Writers Guild (Danske Dramatikere) Christina Bergholdt Knudsen
VISDA (VISDA) Lars Lindskov


Member of the Board
Danish Publishers (Danske Forlag) Cliff Hansen
Educational Publishers Association                                                           (Brancheforeningen for Undervisningsmidler) Thomas Wilckens
The Association of Danish Media (Danske Medier) Stig Ørskov
The Danish Music Publishers’ Association                                                  (Musikforlæggerne i Danmark) Søren Bechmann
The University Presses in Denmark                                                              (Foreningen Universitetsforlagene i Danmark) Martin Lindø Westergaard