Registration of works and rightsholders

12 librarians are employed to register information about Works and rightholders

Copydan Writing distributes remuneration individually based on information from our customers about what they are copying.

When we ask our customers to report their copying to us, it is not because we want to check that they are complying with the terms of the copying agreement. The information our customers provide about their copying is what we base our distribution of the remuneration on. And it is the information that is registered in our database.

For instance, when an educational institution tells us what they are copying, a number of librarians at Copydan Writing register the information, comprising the author, publisher, illustrator, edition etc.

Sometimes it takes quite a lot research and detective work to get all the information about one single act of copying. Therefore, we call our librarians researchers.

All the information we receive is registered in our database. And based on this information, we are able to make a correct distribution of the remuneration.


Figures and statistics from our database

June 15 2022 our database contains:

  • a total of 166.237 works.
  • a total of 227.808 authors.
  • a total of 24.123 publishers.

Our 12 librarians have so far made 59.804 registrations for the distribution year 2023 – one copy registration can contain several copy pages.

Further information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on telephone (+45) 35 44 14 93 / or by email to