I denne tid, hvor alt er forandret, kan man så stadig regne med at modtage kopipenge, som man plejer? Det korte svar er: Ja, for der kopieres stadig, der indberettes stadig, og vi registrerer som altid.

The world looks different. Words like community spirit and contact numbers have become part of our vocabulary, and homework, distance learning and social bubbles are the new everyday. And what does that mean for the copies? Our largest distribution base comes from the field of education, where both spring and early summer 2020 offered exclusively digital teaching. But could teachers and educators then report their copies at all? And does Text & Node need to register something in order to distribute correctly? In other words – is anything at all about the old?

Fortunately, the answer is yes:

“Our agreements are technology-neutral – and so are our reporting opportunities. Even though the thick envelopes with copies suddenly no longer landed on our table to the same extent as before, we still got lots of material in other ways. For many years it has been possible to report copying to us via online form and email as well. That flexibility has benefited us here during the shutdowns in connection with Covid-19, where we have experienced that the current digital teaching – and the increase in digital copies it comes with – already had a natural channel in for us. Under Corona, we have thus registered copies as we usually do, ” explains Vibeke Andersen, who is head of the Research & Documentation department and is responsible for the distribution of remuneration.


On the whole, Tekst & Node has experienced an incredible amount of support and effort among our customers during this unusual time. The copies have still been sent despite challenges and unpredictability among customers – such as. at churches and parishes, where confirmations were canceled in a row in the spring:

“Despite the closure, we have nevertheless been able to harvest the relevant copies from the confirmation period. This has happened through a really good dialogue with the country’s churches and parishes. We usually obtain copies from them in April and May, but now they have signed up for us spread throughout the year as the confirmations have been held. In addition, I can also say that e.g. the field of education in the current school year is also really well underway with the reporting. We are grateful that the wheels run as they should, ” concludes Vibeke Andersen.


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