What and how much can you copy with the agreement?

Guidelines to the university agreement.

Main rule

From text or sheet music material you may copy 20 percent max. 50 pages per student per half year.

You may always copy up to 4 pages, irrespective of the total length of the material. If, for instance, you want to make copies from a 6-page booklet, you may copy 4 pages, even though 4 pages are more than 20 percent of the total number of pages.

If you have any doubts as to how to calculate the number of pages for e.g. a website, anthology or a collection of journals, see the menu on your left.


The rule is per student

The number of pages you may copy is stated per student per half year per material. This means that one student may only get access to 20 percent max. 50 pages of e.g. a book in one half year.


Materials and media from which you may copy

All types of published texts and sheet music, both Danish and foreign publications and digital as well as printed media, such as e.g.:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • TheInternet
  • Newspapers
  • E-books (no digital copying is permitted if the e-books are on this list:
    List of e-books. But you may printthem)
  • Blogs
  • Collections ofpoems
  • Song and musicbooks
  • …and much

When you make copies, always remember to state the source, i.e. title, author(s), publisher and year of publication. This applies to digital copies as well as photocopies.


Please note:

  • Licences and subscriptions: You are always permitted to print or make a photocopy of journals and other licence-based, digital publications with which the university has an agreement. But digital copying is only permitted in compliance with the individual licence.


To whom do the rules apply?

All employees and students at the university are covered by the copying agreement with Copydan Writing. They may therefore make copies according to the rules described in these pages.


Prohibition issued

If copies for administrative use are made at the university, i.e. copies that are not to be used in connection with education, works listed at may not be digitally copied. But the material may be photocopied.

The reason is that certain rightsholders may wish for their material not to be digitally copied for other purposes than educational purposes.